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School Policies

Students are expected to read, understand and abide by the following school policies.

  • Students attending ‘Whitney School of Guitar Building’ (WSGB) are expected to behave in a responsible manner with due consideration for the setting, other students, the instructors and the facilities.

  • Damage done to any property will be the responsibility of the student/students involved.

  • Each student is responsible to be punctual for each day’s session. If a student cannot attend, instructors must be notified. Days missed by students will only be made up at the instructors discretion.

  • Non-prescription drugs are not permitted on any school property. Alcohol is not permitted during school hours. Students will be dismissed for the day if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These missed days will not be made up.

  • No smoking on-site.

  • The use of power tools is not permitted in the shop when instructors are not present.

  • Students are responsible for cleaning their workspace as well as the shop at the end of each day.

  • Tools must be treated with care and respect.

  • School hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM with a one-hour lunch break at noon. Students must leave premises for their break.

Shop Etiquette

Remember, you are a guest at our school. Our tools and workshop are part of a professional work environment set-up to teach students both today and into the future. As such, due care and attention must be taken, daily, to ensure the workshop remains clean and safe for the next student and / or teacher(s) in the shop. Remember – how you show up at our school will carry over to how you show up in your own shop or place of employment.

The following protocols are expected to be respected and adhered to on a daily basis:

Dust Collection

  • Prior to the use of any machinery, students are to ensure the dust collection system and overhead dust filtration system are turned on.

  • Students must ensure dust collection and vacuums are not ‘over-full’. We work as a team to empty dust bags outside and bag up wood dust and shavings.

  • Appropriate dust ports to be opened for tools in use and closed for tools not in use.

  • Dust collection system to be turned off when not in use.

  • Avoid ‘blowing’ dust when working; this is unnecessary and contaminates the environment for students and teachers. Use the vacuum or gently brush dust and dispose of in the appropriate waste-bins.

Adherence to Class Schedule

  • Students are expected to attend class on-time, every day.

  • Missed days or times will not be made up.

  • School hours are 9:30 – 4:30, Monday to Friday. Lunch-break is at noon each day between 12:00 and 1:00 PM. Please respect the teacher and other students by being mindful of the time and adhering to the schedule.

  • Students must leave the premises for their lunch-break and are not permitted to work in the shop, unsupervised.

  • Clean-up each day commences at 4:10. The shop is expected to be left in the same condition as when you arrive the first day.

  • No loitering on school property.

  • Absences for medical and emergency reasons (with Dr.’s note) or have been pre-arranged are considered “excused” absences.

  • Students having difficulty meeting attendance requirements with absences that are not “excused” will be given a warning and if attendance does not improve may be dismissed from the school.

  • Dust collection system to be turned off when not in use.

  • Avoid ‘blowing’ dust when working; this is unnecessary and contaminates the environment for students and teachers. Use the vacuum or gently brush dust and dispose of in the appropriate waste-bins.


  • After using a tool, it is expected to be replaced in the same spot as it was taken. At the end of each day, all remaining tools are to be put away, power-tools vacuumed off, and personal benches and work-stations, tidied.

  • If a tool is broken, report it to the teacher right away.

  • If a tool is broken due to neglect or abuse, replacement is the responsibility of the student.

  • If a tool is broken due to ‘wear-and-tear’, the school will replace or repair the tool.

  • Treat tools as if they are your own.

  • NOTE: Many students enjoy bringing their own tool kit and common lutherie tools with them. You are welcome to do so. Here is a link to a basic student lutherie kit for our school.


  • Garbage is to be disposed of in the on-site trash containers.

  • Coffee cups and so forth should be broken down and flattened down before disposing.

  • Any solvents or solvent soaked rags must NOT be put in the trash. Rags must be opened and left to air dry while solvents will be put in appropriate containers and taken to the land-fill for proper disposal.

  • Any paint and solvent cans, etc. must be properly closed to mitigate unnecessary waste from the shop.


  • Out of respect for my wife, my children, other students, and myself, please remember that you are a guest in my shop and in my home.

  • Washroom facilities exist in our living space and we expect all students to clean up after themselves and use proper hygiene protocol. If you make a mess, clean it up with provided disinfectant wipes.

  • If supplies are running low, let a teacher know.


  • If you notice products are getting low such as tape, glue, and other consumables, make a note on the white-board.

  • Please respect surrounding property and neighbours by avoiding loud music, speeding, smoking and so forth.

  • If you smoke, there is an adjacent park you can visit. NOTE: Please respect our home-town and ‘field-strip’ your butts and dispose of in the garbage. DO NOT leave cigarette butts on the premises.

School Closures

  • The school is closed on the following statutory holidays:

  • New Years Day

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • Victoria Day

  • Canada Day

  • Civic Holidays

  • Labour Day

  • Thanksgiving Day (Canadian)

  • Remembrance Day

  • Christmas Break


There is no on-site housing. Most students stay at a local AirBnB.


Any required reading for our courses will be provided by the school. Any recommended reading will be offered as a suggestion and is the responsibility of the student.

For a list of recommended reading, feel free to contact us.


There is always inherent risk while working with power tools, hand tools and with chemicals. Neither the Whitney School of Guitar Making nor its teachers will be held responsible for any injuries that occur on the premises. On the first day of class, students are to sign a liability waiver releasing the school and/or teachers of any liability for injury.

Dismissal Policy

At the Whitney School of Guitar Making, we expect students to meet and adhere to a code of conduct while completing a program of study. The list below outlines the code of conduct that all students are expected to follow:

  • Attend class in accordance with attendance policy.

  • Treat all students and staff with respect.

  • Refrain from disruptive or offensive behaviour.

  • Treat school property with respect.

  • Do not bring weapons of any kind to the school.

  • Do not use alcohol or non-prescription drugs during class hours.


Any of the following, if substantiated, will result in immediate dismissal without warning letter or probationary period:

  • Non-payment

  • Vandalism or school property

  • Theft

  • Significant disrespect of the school’s rules of conduct and policies

  • Sexual or physical assault or other violent acts committed on or off school property against any student

  • Verbal abuse or threats

Dispute Resolution

Students are encouraged to address their concerns with the involved party. If the situation cannot be resolved then the following applies:

Written submissions from all parties concerned will be requested, and the complaint will be reviewed and necessary investigation will be conducted. A written decision outlining the justification for the decision will be provided to all submitting parties. If the dispute remains unresolved, an unrelated third party mediator will be brought in to arbitrate between all parties. The mediator’s decision will be regarded as final and binding to all parties concerned.

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