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Levelling acoustic guitar binding.

Learn the Art of Guitar Making. Build Your Own Guitar.

Learn how to build your very own guitar by hand from our Canadian workshop.

Meet your Instructor

Michael Whitney | Luthier, Instructor

Michael Whitney is a highly respected luthier and instructor, with a background in design and a passion for creating custom guitars. With over 25 years of experience, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to his class and is committed to passing on his skills to the next generation of guitar makers. Learn more about our programs below.

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Discover our Courses

Our Guitar Building Courses are perfect for aspiring luthiers, hobbyists, or anyone who has ever dreamed of building their own guitar. Our on-site Canadian workshop is led by master luthier Michael Whitney and offers a variety of courses catering to all skill levels. Join us to begin your journey into the art of guitar making!

Luthier, Michael Whitney at Whitney Guitar Making School

From Raw Materials to Beautiful Guitars

At the Whitney Guitar Making School, we are passionate about teaching the art of guitar making. Our instructors are expert craftsmen who will guide you through the entire process of building your own guitar. From selecting the finest materials to shaping and finishing, you'll learn all the skills you need to create a beautiful and unique instrument that you can be proud of.

Elliott Wooding - Whitney Guitar Making School Alumni

Choose the Course that Suits you Best!

Our courses range from modular, one-week, pay-as-you-go formats to fully immersive multi-instrument programs tailored to suit your interest level and schedule. Start your guitar building journey with us today!

Single Instrument Courses

Flexible Scheduling

Multiple Instrument Courses

Best Value

Student Spotlight

Check out Elliott's Experience during his 3-Month Course

Create Your Dream Guitar

Craft a guitar that is unique to your own style and preferences.

Develop New Skills

Learn new skills and techniques that can be applied to other areas of your life.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Practice the art of presence and patience through developing skills in a positive and creative space.

Join a Community 

Connect with a community of guitar makers who share your passion for guitars, sharing ideas and creating works of art.

Why Learn Guitar Making?

Carving the heel block at Whitney Guitar Making School
Elliott with his completed OM acoustic guitar.

Elliott Wooding
Gibsons, BC Canada


An Amazing Experience!

I recently finished the three month guitar building course at Whitney Guitars and I have to say it was an amazing experience. I’m now at home and have the knowledge and confidence to set up my own shop and start building guitars. Mike is an awesome teacher.

School Alumni, Rod Scott with his completed acoustic guitar.

Rod Scott
Idaho, USA


I Learned A Lot!

I recently returned from taking one of Michael’s acoustic guitar building courses. I spent 20 intensive days milling the parts, joining, setup, and finishing. I now have an impressive OM for my collection. Michael is patient, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot! I highly recommend Whitney Guitars and Michael!

School Alumni, Miles Staley with his custom designed electric bass guitar.

Miles Staley
Kelowna, BC Canada


An Absolute Pleasure...

The CNC course was very project based and focused on hands-on learning. I now have two beautiful instruments, as well as the knowledge to create any of my designs exactly how I want them. My time with Mike was an absolute pleasure, and I implore any aspiring creatives interested in learning the CNC, to explore this wonderful course!

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